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Did You Know Innovative Plastech Can Customize Clamshells and Trays?

November 26, 2012

Traditional models for manufacturing are rapidly evolving, due in no small part to fast-rising demand for customized products. At Innovative Plastech, Inc. (IPI), we provide plastic packaging and trays to customers in a number of markets, including medical, food and beverage, automotive and telecom. And our customers often require products that are not only functional, but are customized to their exact needs.

That is why, as a thermoformer of plastic vacuum-formed products used in a wide variety of industries and applications, we maintain extensive custom expertise and capabilities in addition to our stock products.

We’re committed to fulfilling our customers’ custom needs at any cost. One recent example is a customer who needed a redesigned package – lighter weight, using 50% less plastic. We worked with the client to develop and manufacture this new package to their specifications, which, in addition to weighing less, would of course cost them less. Our main concern is serving our clients.

We also produce a variety of custom trays for use in medical applications, as today’s medical device manufacturers and packagers expect thermoformed trays to protect their products, withstand sterilization and lengthen product shelf life.

From concept through production, our skilled engineers are dedicated to helping customers develop the right solutions for their product. Contact us today to find out how our unique custom packaging can meet your specific needs.


Improving Appearance and Sustainability with Pallet Trays

November 14, 2012

In the global network of moving goods, using the right pallet trays can actually help make the supply chain more efficient and more sustainable – while making your product look better in stores.

When it comes to factoring efficiency and sustainability into pallet tray selection, a good place to start is to address the material used in their creation.

Traditional pallet tray delivery systems rely on corrugated boxes due to the inexpensive outlay. However, these boxes can easily tear, get wet, fall apart, and threaten efficiency in warehouses, distribution centers and en route.

Pallet TraysMeanwhile, plastic pallet trays offer stability and protection. They are built to stack efficiently, and they are very easy to disinfect, making them very hygienic, especially for the transportation of foods or medicines.

Moreover, when a plastic pallet trays needs replacing, it can be recycled – perfect for closed-loop systems.

Even better, in locations like club stores, plastic pallet trays offer maximum product visibility. Rather than getting a glimpse at a product sitting in a corrugated box, products are in full view resting on pallet trays – stacked, lined up, and ready to be purchased.

At Innovative Plastech, our Clearly Better Than A Box™ Pallet Trays are made from recycled PET (RPET), a sustainable material created from used beverage bottles. The RPET used in the trays is 60%-80% post-consumer waste product that offers strength and durability to protect products from damaged. Our Pallet Trays are also robust enough to be reused several times.

Dunnage Trays: Free-up Space, Store Stuff, Move Things

November 8, 2012

Every industry, whether automotive, electronics, or machinery, is always in need of space.  Whether to store parts, pieces and tools during the manufacturing process, move a product from one department to another or to get the finished good to a transportation hub.  Dunnage trays are an ideal solution.  Dunnage trays not only help to store and move valuable parts, pieces and products, but their durability provides added protection while the items are on the trays.Dunnage Tray

At Innovative Plastech, we are experts in thermoforming a broad range of plastic gauge thicknesses into multi-use dunnage trays.  Our dunnage trays are available in different sizes, colors and thicknesses ranging from 10 mil to 80 mil.  We can best the majority of our competitors with how THICK we can go.  Most can’t run the 80 mil that Innovative Plastech can take on.
Many of the trays that we design and produce, especially in the automotive sector, need to be large enough to handle irregular and large parts and pieces.  In fact, Innovative Plastech is able to produce trays up to 45” by 68” for our customers.

We custom design and manufacture dunnage trays for retail, industrial, automotive, and electronic applications.  Innovative Plastech’s trained professionals are certified under ISO 9001:2008.  They can work together with customers to conceive, prototype and manufacture products that address a particular need or use.

Pack Expo 2012: Innovative Packaging from Innovative Plastech

October 22, 2012

McCormick Place in Chicago is sure to be abuzz later this month, as Pack Expo 2012 brings together manufacturers, processors, and packaging suppliers like Innovative Plastech, in the pursuit of uniting product merchants with the ideal packaging solution for their goods. Amid seminars, presentations, and education events like The Amazing Packaging Race, Pack Expo provides the perfect setting not only to get to know the people behind a given packaging line, but also to become closely familiar with the packaging products themselves. This kind of hands-on interaction is the best way to ensure the perfect fit between product and packaging – and can also lead to some previously-unthought of advances in processing methods.

These innovations can come in just about any area, whether new sustainability practices, more efficient packaging lines, or just finding that perfect pallet, clamshell, or custom manufacturer that you didn’t even know existed.  Beyond just the product and package relationship, Pack Expo offers a chance to interact with and learn from that ever-important part of the supply chain, the retail or wholesale outlet. Understanding what works best for warehouses and retail shelves is a key step in optimizing your packaging choices, and in some cases, even your product itself. Whichever part of the business you’re in, stop by Booth #8418 this October 28th through 31st and say hello. We look forward to meeting you!

Innovative and InterBev: A Match Made In Vegas

October 12, 2012

InterBev 2012, North America’s flagship beverage industry conference, gathers together 2,000 industry leaders from across 175 companies. InterBev is unique in that it focuses not only on the beverage market itself, but also on each area that goes into getting your drinks from their source to the shelf, and finally into your hand. That includes ingredients, processing, transport, packaging, and storage – which is where Innovative Plastech comes in. Our Beverage Bucket keeps bottles and cans of anything cold and readily available in a non-leaking, sanitary, and reusable container.

The InterBev show floor at the Sand Expo Center is the best opportunity for face-to-face meetings up and down each part of the supply chain – and we’ll be there, in booth #5838, along with the Beverage Bucket and our Full and Quarter Pallet Trays. Other events and opportunities for learning how best to utilize your product or service include keynote addresses and subject sessions, which InterBev has organized into Tracks: a Trends Track, a Regulatory Track, and a Sustainability Track, for instance.

The Sustainability Track includes a session on plastic reusable packaging; the packaging used to transport and store beverage containers throughout their journey to retail. The Beverage Bucket and our Pallet Trays certainly meet these standards of sustainability: their durable construction and easy-to-clean build make them an ideal sustainability solution for your beverage supply chain. More questions? Stop by booth #5838 at the Sands from October 16th – 18th!

Innovative Plastech Trays and CB Antennas: 10-4 Good Buddy!

August 29, 2012

For many growing up in the 1970s, CB radios were a mainstay on TV and at the movies.  Cross country truck drivers (in addition to “The Bandit”) became the heroes of many films of that era.  Even though the popularity of this mode of communication has faded with the boom of smartphones, CB radios are still a mainstay not only for long haul truckers, but for other industries and government agencies throughout the world.

CB antennas and other types of antennas require a very long mobile antenna to catch the 27 MHz wavelength. The most common mobile CB antenna is approximately 9 feet tall!  The sheer size, odd shape and fragile nature of these products require special packaging for transportation, shelf life and display.

At Innovative Plastech, our large bed plastic thermoforming machines are providing antenna companies with this unique packaging in the form of large-scale shipping trays.  These trays are large enough for these customers to ship their antennas in one piece.  The trays provide a stable and protected environment for these delicate antennas while they are being transported from point A to point B.

With our large bed thermoformers, our trays are constructed as one entire solid piece.  This construction method is very efficient and much less expensive than other methods.  We can then pass along the savings to our customers.  In addition, our trays can be useful in a variety of applications when the item needs to be box-packaged. With this type of versatility and quality, it’s time to send out a virtual “Breaker, breaker” and get in touch with Innovative Plastech today.

Decision Time: Cell Phone Selection (Part 2)

August 22, 2012

Our last blog talked about figuring out what you want from your cell phone, how you’ll be using it, and which features are most important to you. In a way, it’s about imagining your own perfect phone. Now we’ll take a look at some more practical concerns – what are your dealbreakers, and, maybe most importantly, what’s your budget?

Drawbacks:  What types of negatives concern you the most?  Is one phone model chunkier than another?  Do you want to slip it into your front pocket?  What about battery size and strength?  Do you sync your phone with your computer in order to always have your calendar updated or do you use an Internet calendar application that gives you “anytime, anywhere” access?  What about the speed of the phone carrier’s network for accessing the Internet?

Cost:  Of course, for many the cost can be the limiting factor.  However thanks to the ubiquitous nature of the 2-year contract, many of the best phones can be purchased at low prices with the two year commitment.  Do your research online to find out what brand and type of phone fits your criteria above and which ones are a great deal for signing up with a particular carrier.

And don’t forget to take note of the packaging when you bring your new purchase home.  With Innovative Plastech, our clear view clam shell packaging allows you to see the product that you are buying.  In this important product segment, for many people, the look of the phone is as important as some of its key features and functions.