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Dunnage Trays: Free-up Space, Store Stuff, Move Things

November 8, 2012

Every industry, whether automotive, electronics, or machinery, is always in need of space.  Whether to store parts, pieces and tools during the manufacturing process, move a product from one department to another or to get the finished good to a transportation hub.  Dunnage trays are an ideal solution.  Dunnage trays not only help to store and move valuable parts, pieces and products, but their durability provides added protection while the items are on the trays.Dunnage Tray

At Innovative Plastech, we are experts in thermoforming a broad range of plastic gauge thicknesses into multi-use dunnage trays.  Our dunnage trays are available in different sizes, colors and thicknesses ranging from 10 mil to 80 mil.  We can best the majority of our competitors with how THICK we can go.  Most can’t run the 80 mil that Innovative Plastech can take on.
Many of the trays that we design and produce, especially in the automotive sector, need to be large enough to handle irregular and large parts and pieces.  In fact, Innovative Plastech is able to produce trays up to 45” by 68” for our customers.

We custom design and manufacture dunnage trays for retail, industrial, automotive, and electronic applications.  Innovative Plastech’s trained professionals are certified under ISO 9001:2008.  They can work together with customers to conceive, prototype and manufacture products that address a particular need or use.

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    That title gets right to the point!

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